What to Wear to Golf Lessons? In-Detail Guide

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Last updated: August 14, 2023
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So, you have done your research and decided on learning golf and becoming a great player. The first step to take is to sign up for golf lessons. Now, every sport has its own attire or an outfit and you’re wondering what to wear to golf lessons?

Golf is a traditional sport. Therefore, picking the proper attire is a great concern. However, what you can and cannot wear depends more on where you are playing.

That is to say, each club has a different rule regarding attire. A common rule is that the attire must make you look smart and that look is achievable by wearing colored polo shirts, shorts or chinos, and most importantly, the right footwear.

Certainly, golf is a game of gentlemen and there are rules and regulations around what to wear and what not to wear.

Proper Attire for Golf Lessons – Dos and Don’ts

Golf clubs require a golf attire for both men and women and if you have access to the clubhouse, there may be rules and regulations specifying the dress code. Moreover, if it is a good club, their website may also provide you with some valuable insight.

However, if that is not the case, use our list as your resource to make the most of your money. Let’s start with a bottom-up approach.

1.     Shoes

What to Wear to Golf Lessons? In-Detail Guide

The right choice of shoes will determine your gameplay and comfort on the golf course. When making the swing, you need to be firm on the ground but also not damage the pitch while you are at it. Therefore, do not wear:

  • Metal spikes, as they can tear up the course,
  • Boots, sandals, or streetwear,

Golf shoes with hard plastic, rubber, or other soft spikes are a good choice. Even running shoes or sneakers will suffice if you do not have proper golf shoes yet.

2.     Bottoms/Pants

Playing golf requires a certain degree of exertion. Therefore, it is always better to wear something that allows the skin to breathe. A good choice for what to wear to first golf lesson would be:

  • Pants – which have the bottom of the legs kissing the top of your shoes,
  • Shorts – that fall just above kneecaps,
  • Khakis – rule of the thumb is to wear bold bottom and a neutral shirt or vice versa. Have fun with colors.

As for the ladies, there is more variety. You can pick between skirts, skorts, and dresses. Ensure they hit between the mid-thigh and knee. An even better choice would be skirt with built-in shorts.

On the other hand, avoid wearing:

  • Denim, jeans, sweatpants, cargo shorts, yoga pants, or other athletic pants,
  • Mini-skirts,
  • Short and tight shorts,
  • Pants with pleats or cuffs,
  • Pants that melt over the shoes.

3.     Tops/Shirts

What to Wear to Golf Lessons? In-Detail Guide

The choice of the shirt will represent you on the course and influence your gameplay. However, golf requires a proper shirt just as you would wear to spectate or dine. The commonly preferred shirts are polo-style and collared.

Moreover, the material should be polyester blends, microfibers, or cotton. Do not forget to tuck them into your pants!

As for the ladies, sleeveless golf shirts are most appropriate.

Here’s a list of things you may want to avoid on the golf course:

  • Ill-fitted shirts – make sure the elbows are visible,
  • Un-tucked shirts – they make you look sloppy,
  • For the ladies – tank tops, tube tops, t-shirts, halters, bathing suit tops, and anything that may reveal cleavage.

Accessories and Outerwear to Wear to Golf Lessons

Your first golf lesson can cause a little bit of nervousness. However, long as you look good, you’re highly likely to perform well. Therefore, some accessories should help you gain confidence.

If you haven’t played golf before, it would be a bad bargain for your coach to require spending on the latest golf equipment and gear. So, keep the important thing in mind, look professional and not extravagant.

1.     Outerwear

For winters stick with sweaters, collard button-down shirts, windbreakers, light jackets, and vests. On the other hand, for a crewneck sweater on top of a sports shirt, keep the collar in. That will give you a trim clean look.

Above all, do not:

  • Wear oversize outerwear,
  • Layer with sweatshirts, hoodies, or denim jackets.

2.     Accessories

What to Wear to Golf Lessons? In-Detail Guide

Accessories make you stand out for better or worse, depending on what you wear. Let’s take a look at the best practices to make you stand out for the better:

  • Cool caps, visors, straw hats on sunny days,
  • Wear belts that match your outfit,
  • Wear a sweatproof and waterproof watch,
  • Use polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Golfing can be time taking and you want to be safe from damaging UVA/UVA exposures,
  • Go for moisture-absorbing golf socks that kiss your ankles and don’t go an inch above,
  • Try simple jewelry and golf gloves to avoid blisters.

With that taken care of, avoid:

  • Long necklaces,
  • Dangly earrings,
  • Beanies, fedoras, and cowboy hats.

A Beginners Guide on What to Wear to the First Golf Lesson

The above guide applies generally to most golf clubs. However, if you are still in doubt and can’t find answers on the website, call the club ahead of time and ask them for the minimal requirements.

Shopping from a brand for attire and equipment is a safe practice but remember, this will be your first time on the field and you don’t want to strain your budget. Choose wisely.

1.     Setting Golf Goals

Golf requires discipline. Therefore, decide first whether you want to play for fun and leisure or do you want to go pro. Your goals will help the instructor plan out the appropriate lessons and routine for you.

2.     Finding the Right Instructor

This is probably the most important element. Ask yourself, what kind of person you are and what kind of instructor would you get along with? Reach out to some instructors, interview them and see which one is most compatible with you.

3.     Prepare for Your First Lesson

Always be early for your first lesson and wear breathable clothes. Remember everything we have learned on what to wear to first golf lessons, this will leave a good impression on your instructor as well. Arriving early will also give you enough time to stretch up and be get ready for the lesson. In addition, come to the course with some questions to ask your instructor.

4.     Taking Your First Lesson

What to Wear to Golf Lessons? In-Detail Guide

The first golf lesson is the same as an interview. Instead of telling your instructor what’s wrong with your swings or the pitch, just be more open to learning. Ask questions and take their feedback. However, avoid being a yes man and try to understand what the instructor is telling you to do and why is it important.

5.     Concluding the Session

You might be nervous during the first lesson or too focused on the game to keep track of your performance. Luckily, you have a good instructor who has been observing your gameplay. Ask them to provide you with feedback on your performance and areas where you were lacking. Moreover, you can ask the instructor to give you some practice assignments for further improvements.

Final Thoughts

Golf is meant to be recreation alongside being a professional sport. Stressing will make you miss out on the beautiful aspects of golf. Remember to have fun and enjoy your time golfing.

If you are still uncertain about your goals, give it time and communicate with your instructor. Over time you will better understand what’s the right path for you. There’s absolutely no need to stress yourself out or rush things in your first lessons.

The guide should help you with what to wear to golf lessons, so take down some notes and see the results for yourself.

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