Not every sport can be compared to golf in terms of its sophistication and aristocracy. This precision club-and-ball game has been attracting gamers from all over the world for more than six centuries and it seems like its popularity only increases.

No matter what your level of experience in this sport is, the most essential thing is to equip yourself right. That’s exactly where we come into play. With our help, finding the best model out of endless options the market offers is a piece of cake.

What does the research process consist of?

The process of creating each article is quite complex: it consists of several stages, requires tens of hours, and involves several teams of experts.

Initial research: Whether it’s a golf cart or just a golf ball, each topic requires initial research. Our experts make a list of the most important features to pay attention to for this or that type of product.

Market search: With the compiled list of features, our experts scour the market to find the most remarkable products in the given category. We analyze the product’s specifications, it’s sales statistics, customer feedback and price to decide if it’s adequate to what it offers.

Testing the products: The selected items are then put to the test. We need to make sure it is what the manufacturer claims. Moreover, it allows us to find the drawbacks the manufacturer doesn’t mention.

Scoring the products: Based on the test results, each model is given a score. We also make sure to factor in the product’s price and overall customers’ impression.

Writing an article: Our authors and editors collect all the obtained data to create an all-encompassing article so that you could quickly find and read about the product that interested you the most.

John Harrington
John is a talented webmaster with a long-term interest in golf. He sometimes plays as an amateur with his several folks and enjoys diving deeper into the topic with each new article on this site. Read More
Suzanne Holley
Research Writer
Suzanne is a talented news reporter. She's also a freelance writer with our site being her major and most loved project. In her free time, Suzanne loves reading utopian novels and science-fiction short stories. Read More
Phillip Ortiz
Expert Consultant
Phillip is a professional golf player who knows exactly what features to look for if you need perfect gear. Apart from golf, Phillip is fond of fishing and hunting. Read More

Can you trust us?

When coming across such a site, it’s easy to think that all the articles are sponsored by some particular company. Luckily, it’s not the case. We do get commissions from the affiliated links in our reviews, but they are not differentiated within brands or models. Therefore, you can rest assured that each review is independent and unbiased.