How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

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As a golfer, you can’t deny that there is some thrill and excitement that comes with buying the latest and greatest equipment with the hope that your game will improve. However, for most golfers, there is zero thrill in buying golf grips. Golf grips are just as important as other parts of the golf club, and they can be quite expensive. Installing them isn’t cheap either. Although you can learn how to grip your clubs at home, most golfers hate the hassle, and they don’t trust they can do a good job.

That said, you should learn how to clean golf grips to save your hard-earned money. Proper cleaning and maintenance of golf grips makes them last longer, so you wouldn’t have to re-grip your golf clubs every other time. This article has a detailed step-by-step guide and all the hints and tips on how to clean golf grips.

What You’ll Need

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

According to Golfweek USA today, grips are one of the most crucial parts of a golf club. Therefore, proper cleaning and maintenance are a must. The things you need to clean golf grips depend on the cleaning method you choose to go with. If you are going for a cost-effective DIY method, you can go for basic household supplies. If money is not an issue, you can get cleaning kits. Here are some of the basic requirements;

Water: this is the most basic cleaning requirement. The water should be lukewarm as very hot water can loosen up the ferrules making them slip down the shaft, and very cold water will not be effective at removing dirt.

A bucket: You will need a bucket to prepare the soap mixture in which you will soak the golf club.

Detergent: This will help you remove stubborn stains. Liquid detergents are the better option because they make cleaning much easier. Avoid bleach or heavy cleaning agents as they would alter the color and texture of the golf grip.

Brush: A plastic brush with bristles will help you clean the clubhead’s grooves with ease. Use a brush with soft bristles to maintain the grip’s texture.

A sponge: this is convenient as it can hold enough water to clean the entire club.

Grip Cleaning wipes: Besides the old warm soapy water method, you can get wipes made for removing excess dirt and sweat. The wipes aren’t expensive and can extend your grip’s lifespan significantly. Moreover, the process is much easier as you wouldn’t need other supplies.

According to popular reviews, the ProPlay Club Grip Cleaning wipes are the best that money can buy. The unscented pack has a unique cleaning formula that can remove grime dirt and restore the tackiness of golf grips.

Alternatively, you can get the highly acclaimed Lifestyle basics Bite Golf Club and Grip cleaner. It is designed to renew grip tack by wiping off dirt, mud, sand, and grass effortlessly from your grips, clubs, and balls. Plus, you can easily attach it to your golf bag.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here is a step by step guide on how to properly clean your golf grips;

Inspect Your Grips

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

Take a closer look at your golf grips and check if there are any major problems like air bubbles or a rip. If they are ripped or have air bubbles, you will have no choice but to replace them.

If you need a grip kit and have no idea where to look, check out the Winn Dri-Tac Undersize Grip kit. It includes 13 grips, durably made of polymer. You also get grip solvent and rubber vise clamp.

Mix Water with Mild Detergent

Fill the plastic bucket with lukewarm water. Ensure the water level is deep enough for dipping the iron heads without reaching the ferrules.

Squirt a little amount of liquid detergent into the water. The water has to be lukewarm as very hot water will loosen the ferrules.

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

Submerge the golf clubs in water and keep the grips soaked until the grease and excess dirt loosens up from the grooves.

Clean the Grip with a Soft Cloth

After soaking for a few minutes, use a soft cloth to clean the grip. Clean to remove any grass, sand, or mud before rinsing with clean water.

Wipe It with another Damp Cloth

Use a damp cloth to wipe grip after rinsing. Run it down the shaft to ensure it is dried completely. You can also use an air dryer, but the dump cloth is a better option as it ensures no residue is left behind.

Use Golf Club Cleaning Wipes

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

This is the simplest way of cleaning golf grips. All you need to do is pick a wipe and run it down the golf grips. Ensure you reseal the wipes package after removing the wipes you need. Two wipes are enough to get your golf grips spotless clean. However, according to Golf Digest, one wipe can clean up to five grips. The method is easier because it doesn’t require other supplies for soaking or drying like the traditional soap and water method.

Use Household Cleaner

If you want to give your golf grips a thorough cleaning, soak them in a bucket of lukewarm water, then spray some household cleaner on the grips. The cleaner will break up the grease and oil in between the grips restoring their newness. Ensure you rinse the grips with water after using the household cleaner as it may contain ammonia that can dry out the grips and cause damage.

Use a Microfiber Golf Towel

This is another simple way of cleaning your golf grips. According to Golf digest, a microfiber towel can improve your groove’s utility by removing dirt effectively. A Microfiber golf towel is specially designed for cleaning golf club grips, grooves, and other parts of the golf club. After you are done cleaning, depending on your club, you can use chrome, metal, or steel polish to give it a nice finish.

Can You Clean Your Grips with Windex?

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

If you want to give your golf grips a thorough cleaning, you can use Windex. The Windex, combined with alcohol, will help break down excess dirty and grime making it easier to wipe off without creating a mess. It is a perfect cleaning option during summer when the golfer’s hands are more likely to get sweaty as it enhances the grip. Besides Windex, you can use other household cleaning supplies as long as you don’t use anything with oil that will make your grips more slippery.

Some Tips for Leather Grips

Leather grips need a little extra care to extend their lifespan. To restore the tack on the leather golf grip, use castor oil. Add about 2 or 3 drops, and it will the job pretty well. You can also use vegetable oil. The only downside of the oil hack is that the grips can get a bit rancid, especially if your hands get sweaty.

Alternatively, you can get a dressing meant for restoring the golf grips tack from a sports goods store. A little pine tar would also get the job done well.

White Grips – Do They Require Special Maintenance?

If you use your golf club regularly then the white golf grips are likely to get brown and dirty if not properly cleaned and maintained. Unless you rarely use them, you have to wash the white grips regularly to maintain their color and tack. White grips made with rubber are much easier to maintain as rubber is resistant to dirt and stains.

You can use a bleaching agent to clean the grips if you use them regularly. The bleaching agent should be able to remove the stains easily. However, if you use the white grips once or twice a week, you can use the traditional warm soapy water method.

How Often Should You Clean Golf Grips?

How to Clean Golf Grips – Instructions and Advanced Tips

This depends on how often you use the golf grips. If you play frequently, you should clean the grips at least once every month. Otherwise, the oil and sweat from your hands and many other factors can cause early wear and tear on the grip. Worn grips are firmer compared to when they are new and the deposits make them lose their original tackiness. As a result, the grip pressure increases, making it harder for you to get the correct wrist release.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t clean your golf grips excessively as they can get slippery and firm. Clean in moderation to remove the sweat and oils from your hands, then use a piece of sandpaper to scrub it to maintain its tackiness.

Final Thoughts

According to a clean golf grip will improve your golf game as it will prevent the club from slipping off your hands. It helps keep your hand stable, ensuring you get the ultimate light pressure grip. In addition, cleaning your golf grips increases their longevity. Therefore, unless you have extra change for re-gripping your golf clubs when they wear out quickly, you should learn how to clean golf grips.

You can combat the negative effects of a dirty golf grip using various methods. If you don’t have the money for golf grip cleaners, you can use the basic bucket of soapy water method. Just remember over cleaning with water and soap can make the grips slippery and firmer. Essentially you should aim at keeping the grips clean while maintaining its tackiness.

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