How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

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A question that has baffled many lovers of golf and to-be golfers is why are golfers moving about many golf clubs? Do they break often? Or is it for the culture? Okay, if they do not break often do they last? Some might have bought them already and are now thinking of how long will your set of golf clubs last, or maybe you are a newbie, and you went on vacation with some of your friends and you guys were chanced to play golf, and you think you have found a new hobby, and wants to be a golfer or maybe you have been looking for a new thing to start doing or want have some adventure in the golf community. If you fall in one of the categories listed above you are wondering which golf club to buy and how long do golf clubs last?

The expected lifespan of an average golf club is a minimum of 10 years with due care and that will allow play at least 300 rounds.

Golf Clubs Average Lifespan

With various types of golf clubs out there, their estimated lifespan varies. The least lifespan of a golf club is 3 years and that will enable you to play at 90 to 150 rounds, while the maximum expected life span is 15 years with 450 rounds.

Above all how you care for your clubs will also be a great determinant in deciding if it will reach the estimated lifespan, exceed it or maybe it will not survive the lifespan. The succeeding paragraphs are the types of golf merits and demerits, and their life span.

 How Long Do Golf Woods Last

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

Golf wood is one of the most preeminent and most used golf clubs. The term WOODS goes way back in time to when clubs head is made from wood, over time wood heads have been replaced with metal but the name lives on. It has two main classes, namely fairway woods Trusted Source Wood (golf) - Wikipedia A wood is a type of club used in the sport of golf. Woods have longer shafts and larger, rounder heads than other club types, and are used to hit the ball longer distances than other types. and drivers.

Fairway woods, unfortunately, have a short lifespan because of the materials they are made from, Titanium or graphite is mostly used in producing a wood club. However, the unique size of the club and metals creates a club that is simply not durable as other clubs.

However, the unique materials create a lighter club weight and allow the ball to travel further. This a list of various fairway brands good for beginners.

It has a life expectancy of 5 years and that equals at least 150 rounds

Life Expectancy of Iron Golf Clubs

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

Golf Iron is expected to last longer between 8 to 12 years, most golfers believe 10 years is a decent estimation, with this number a Golf Iron is expected to play up to 300 rounds. Other factors are involved in how long it will last or how quickly it will wear out.

According to most users of golf irons, it’s hard to find a damaged but worn grooves are common.

One of which is how well you maintained them and how often you play golf, if you play too often it will wear quicker, another determinant is the material used. Irons that have graphite shafts are not expected to last long as those with steel shafts. Worn grooves are the common damage to iron golf clubs.

How Long do Hybrids Last?

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

Hybrids are the most durable of all the clubs with an estimated lifespan of about 10 years allowing you to play at least 450 rounds. Hybrids as the name implies are the combination of fairway woods and wedges, making their length increase a little higher than fairway woods but iron golf length is still longer than them. They are much stronger than Fairwood

The lifespan of Wedges Club

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

The estimated lifespan of a wedge is 10 years, but it’s advisable to replace them when they are 5 to 7 years old, it is agreed by professionals such as Woody Lashen a Co-owner of Pete’s Golf Shop in Mineola, NY that after 75 rounds it is best suggested to replace them. After hitting 5 to 7 years landmark, their performance starts declining which is a great concern to great golfers.

Their grooves are the most significant part, As long as wedge grooves remain in good condition, they will still hold up. The grooves get probably worn if you hit numerous wedge shots or you like hitting the range.

How Long Do Golf Drivers Last?

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

Drivers have at least five years’ expected lifespan, but for regular golf players it would not last up to five years.

Their heads are made up of fragile materials such as titanium, they have a shorter lifespan compared to iron golf, which is mostly made from stainless. Driver’s Club after many years it begins to lose its strength and you would not be able to hit your club very well. This will result in you lagging and falling behind other golfers, even you do often outdrive them before. This may result in a technological advancement that has happened but it is often related to Golf Club’s age.

Titanium in the 1990s is a revolutionary metal innovation in the golf industry. Being a lightweight yet strong metal material. If you have decided on getting a Golf Driver’s consider one of these widely ratified brands on Amazon. If you use your Club once or twice a year and you keep them in excellent condition it might last longer.

Putters Golf Club Estimated Lifespan

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

Putters are the most durable of all the golf clubs, A Putter of good quality has an estimated lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. Putters do not have to take a lot of maltreatment. If you could be careful input on the putter’s head over and keeping it a good condition, you can use it for as long as you want.

They do not wear out rapidly as irons and drivers do, this adds to their longevity, some golfers shop for old putters of around 15 years, for they believe it will up their game.

As a golfer or beginner, if you have been charmed about the qualities of the putters and you are thinking of purchasing them, well this is a guide to how you can grip your putters and have the best shot, check out these approved grips by expert.

How to Make Golf Clubs Last Longer

We have discussed how long all various types of golf will last, highlighting their lifespan and how strong they are. It is to Know your responsibility, the part you are to play in making your golf club last longer.

How are you been taking care of? Do you just throw them around after rounds? How often do you use them? Do you leave them in your car booth? Or throw under the stairwell? Do you even have a specific place you keep them or it is a hunt whenever you need them? Do often clean their grooves? If you can answer all these questions positively, you are one step closer to having a long-lasting golf club.

Now let’s talk about things you should watch out for.

  • Cover the Head of Your Clubs: Whenever you are done with your club endeavor to always cover the head of your club as long as you finish a shot, it helps to protect the delicate part of the heads, headcovers can protect your club’s head during driving
  • Hurling Your Golf Club: Stop throwing your clubs around whenever you have a bad shot, if you continue doing that your club will have a very short lifespan way below the estimation.
  • Do Not Store Your Golf Club Wet: Be Careful of storing your golf clubs wet, as a wet club tends to promote the growth of rust on the shafts of your clubs, to avoid this, always dry them before storing them.
  • Carry a Golf Towel: Always carry a golf towel or even if it’s a dishrag, attach it to your golf bag, and always wipe your grips and club heads periodically throughout the game.
  • Clean Your Club’s Head: Often clean your golf head between play, this practice removes all dirt and scraps from inside the groove of the club’s head face, for this you need a soft brush, warm water, towel, soap, and towel to dry it.
  • Inspect Your Grips: Regularly inspect the grips for wear and tear, while cleaning the grips lookout for worn areas, this could eventually lead to crack. Worn on your grip is an indication that you should replace the grip. Replacing a grip is something you could by yourself if you are the DIY kind of person, but you should get a pro shop to do them.
  • Regularly Inspect the Shafts of Your Golf Club: It is very necessary to look out for cracks and holes on your golf clubs during cleaning. shafts when properly taking care of can last longer, but they can be damaged when banged around.

How To Store Your Golf Club

Many people store their golf club in their garage, which can be pretty risky, some garages tend to flood. Another factor to consider when keeping your golf club is how long it is going to be at that location, if you are playing again in a couple of days you can keep them in the garage without fear of the humidity and temperatures, it would not affect it in that much time.

One exception to short-term exposure okay is your car trunk. It’s not advisable to have a golf club in your car trunk for any length of time. All you do, do not store your golf clubs in your car trunk. They bump into each other while you are driving and they could get damaged.

They are possibilities of them getting exposed to high temperature in the summer months which could easily weaken the epoxy glue that holds your club together and result in damaging your golf clubs.

Below are things you should consider before choosing a location to store your clubs;

  • Store in a place that’s dry and has low humidity
  • Store in a place where the temperature can be controlled
  • Make sure clubs and bags are dry before storing
  • If your bag has a rain cover, always use it
  • Store them in your home if possible
  • Do not store in a place that has a wide temperature swing

If you have decided on where to store your golf club permanently do well to consider this golf organizer on Amazon. It has enough storage for two bags to fit easily and also has shelves for your golf shoes, balls, and other golf equipment. It is also high from the ground, if the location got flooded, or water spilled, your bag would be safe and dry. This golf organizer is also attractive, that it would also beautify wherever you are keeping them.

Final Thoughts

Golf Clubs are one of the most important tools to have before setting on a golf course, try as much as possible to always keep them in good condition. A task as easy as bringing your clubs out of their bag and replacing them could damage your club. Golf Clubs are not eternal products expected to last forever, however, with proper care, you can maintain them till you get what you bought them for. If you are diligent with it, you would have become skillful even before you bought your second set of clubs. Now that you know how long a golf club does last if you want to buy from someone, a used golf club, you know where to look at and put the years it has used in the hands of the seller into consideration, so you won’t by a golf club that would not serve it course. Stay safe!


Wood (golf) - Wikipedia
A wood is a type of club used in the sport of golf. Woods have longer shafts and larger, rounder heads than other club types, and are used to hit the ball longer distances than other types.
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