What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

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Last updated: August 16, 2023
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Before we dig into the details of Heavenwood and its significance in the golf market, it is important to know what the origins of this popular club are. What is a Heavenwood golf club, where did the name come from, and what makes Heavenwood so desirable in the golf world?

Originally, heavenwood is somewhat of a woody plant that belongs to an invading tree family which has a relatively high regeneration rate.

However, the name fits the reputation of the golf club. That is to say, Heavenwood is a Callaway golf club line.

In 2004, Heavenwood golf clubs made their first appearance on the golf market. Callaway Golf Company (CGC) is a publically traded company led by Ely Callaway, established in 1982.

In addition, CGC created, developed, manufactured, and sold high-quality, innovative golf clubs, as well as golf bags, accessories, and balls.

The World of Golf and Heavenwood – Uses

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

Golf is a challenging sport in which players’ emotions varied from irritation to addiction, with passion and joy mixed.

Certainly, golfers are extremely competitive with one another. Even while playing in teams! That is why golfers frequently blamed their bad performance on their equipment and hence desired to replace it.

However, unlike practically every other sport, the equipment has a major impact on a player’s effectiveness in golf.

Most golfers rely on word-of-mouth recommendations when making purchases. Because of the way golf was played. That is, in groups of four people who spent several hours together. Therefore, this type of advertising worked.

Above all, the fact that the Heavenwood was so simple to hit, was one of the main reasons why people liked it. It is suited to every skill level golfer. Since the Heavenwood club provided the golfers with maximum forgiveness and had long, ultralight shafts.

It made it easier for golfers to make long-ranged swings. The club was initially created by Callaway as a solution to help golfers improve their swings.

One will notice a marked improvement in their ability to hit longer golf strokes with the help of this club. Because Heavenwood is a more straightforward club to hit than a four iron.

So, we can say that the purpose of this club was to provide golfers with ease and comfort while doing long-range shots. However, the main issue is that Heavenwood is no longer manufactured by Callaway.

There are still a lot of fairway woods available in seven wood lofts with their wide, forgiving clubface with a low-center-of-gravity weight chip. But none of them compare to the Heavenwood.

In other words, if you try searching for one, you can only find second-hand Heavenwood clubs up for resale.

How Is Heavenwood Differentfrom Other Clubs?

The structure or assembly of a Heavenwood club is a bit distinguished from the other clubs. To put it into simple words, the Callaway Heavenwood’s club has a seven-wood loft but the head size and shaft are similar in length to a four-wood or three-wood.

In theory, a Heavenwood club should hit longer than a seven-wood. But the shot also depends on how forgiving the golfer is.

The most important point of the discussion is that Heavenwood is not easier to find anymore. Therefore, your best route would be to understand other clubs and pick something that is more suitable for you.

Main Types of Fairway Wood for Golfers

When it comes to types, golf has many varieties to offer. The gentleman’s sport has a three wood, a five wood, a seven wood, and a nine wood. These four are the most common options for golfers.

On the other hand, some manufacturers produced 11 and 13 wood. But they are quite rare. Moreover, a few hybrids were introduced to the golf market as well.

1.     Three Wood

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

When compared to any other fairway wood, this choice will have the lowest loft.

Three-wood may reach up to 15 degrees and can prove to be a great option for a driver off the tee. Many golfers find it tricky to straighten their strokes while using the driver.

Whereas the three wood makes it comparatively easier. This advantage stems from the club’s size. You can swing more effortlessly with help of a short tool.

2.     Five Wood

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

While browsing for a fairway wood, you’ll notice that the five wood appears comparatively more often.

If you are a golfer who prefers only one fairway club for a game, this will make more sense for you.

In comparison to the three wood, the five wood is even simpler to work with. This gives you a loft of 19 degrees approximately. Therefore, even if you take a rough shot, you’ll still perform nicely and even take those higher shots for more distance.

So, who might this be the right option for? Golfers who want to sweep rather than smash it down or through. And lastly, a competitive alternative would be hybrids.

3.     Seven Wood

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

Seven wood holds a significant value. That is to say, when you want to know what is a Heavenwood golf club, it was originally seven wood’s conception that led to the idea.

The seven wood comes with a 22 degrees loft approximately, which is more than the predecessors.

However, with passing time, fairway woods are losing popularity as more players are migrating to hybrids. That is to say, hybrid wood offers more benefits. This shift caused a decline in the number of seven wood users.

Therefore, not many firms manufacture the club anymore. The more popular choices remail three and five wood.

On the other hand, seven wood still retains some relevance. For instance, golfers with slow swings and difficulty with longer irons find seven wood as a more ideal choice. Hence, improving their performance in the longer run.

4.     Nine Wood

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

You may have already heard about the others and seen a three, five, and seven. In comparison, nine wood is a rare sight.

That is due to the transition to hybrid clubs, which hurt the seven wood supply. The nine wood was intended to be a replacement for the five iron and is only available from Callaway. Regardless of the decline, it still remains a senior player, handicapped player, and women’s favorite.

There’s a reason behind the nine wood being a preference. If you own one or try one out, you’ll notice the nine wood has a lot of launches. In comparison to other fairway wood that may result in a more piercing path, the nine wood offers a high flight and smoother landing.

5.     Hybrid Clubs

What Is a Heavenwood Golf Club? All You Ever Wanted to Know

In the list, this is by far the most popular option. A hybrid might perform better than other clubs in a way that it is easier to roll a golf ball while employing a hybrid.

On the other hand, when it comes to distance, with the same loft, a fairway covers more distance than the hybrid.

That is to say, considering the swing, a fairway wood may sweep more on your swing. As a result, the golf ball might suffer an effective hit from the clubface, but the divot would be minimal.

Moreover, the divot on the hybrids is larger and its performance is similar to an iron shot.

In short, if you are a digger and tend to have long divots after a shot, a hybrid club will prove to be an excellent choice.

The Best Heavenwood Alternative – Heavenwood vs. Hybrid

Since Heavenwood is already so difficult to find and if you are unable to settle for a second-hand, a four hybrid should be the best Heavenwood alternative.

The loft of a four hybrid is similar to that of a three hybrid. Moreover, it will shoot shots of roughly the same distance. Therefore, a 4-hybrid with a 22-degree loft and a 40-inch shaft might just be the best choice to replace a Callaway Heavenwood.

Furthermore, just for the sake of extending your options. You can also use a seven wood instead of your Heavenwood.

Regardless of the popularity decline for the seven wood, remember that the Heavenwood was merely a fancy label for a seven wood. Thus, this club is a wonderful alternative to explore.

A Heavenwood’s shaft is a 4-wood shaft, which allows golfers to hit the ball farther. A seven-wood is almost similar as well with the exception of a standard-length shaft.

Final Thoughts

The guide should have answered all your questions. That means, now you do not only have a comprehensive answer to what is a Heavenwood golf club but also its origins and alternatives.

What started off as a popular choice of a golf club ended up becoming something big but the product was lost along the way.

However, the golf industry is consistent with creating new products and the hybrid has replaced Heavenwood. But that does not necessarily mean that you absolutely have to go for the hybrid.

Feel free to explore your options, take advantage of fairway wood and see which club brings out the best of your abilities.

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