How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

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Organizing and knowing the location of your golf clubs is imperative as it gives you an edge over your competitor. A properly organized golf bag distinguishes an amateur golfer from a professional golfer. Golf play requires haste pace; thus, a well-organized golf club bag allows quick retrieval and return of all accessories and clubs used on the course.

Whether you are a pro golfer or a weekend golfer, learn how to arrange golf clubs in a bag to deter time wastage as you search for tees. Golfing requires balls, golf clubs, and all other pro-level essentials to be in place; therefore, keep intact and comprehend how to organize a golf club. We’ll provide appropriate information to help you sort out your golf bag the right way. Let’s dive in!

Golf Bag Organization

Golfing clubs and accessories are stored and carried in either a carry club bag or cart club bag. Either way, organizing your golf clubs ensures you access the needed accessory easily as you focus on performing your best. Moreover, golf bags are created with enough pockets to store essentials. Some of the simplest ways to organize golf bags include;

  • Always arrange the clubs from left to the right.
  • Place the short clubs, wedges, and putters in the front section
  • Place the longest wood and long irons in the back section of the bag
  • Put the medium irons in the center

Organize your stand bag/ cart bag in such a way that you know the exact location of everything. The modern golf bag offers a wide range of top cuffs. They vary from 14 full-length slot dividers to the 4/ 5 slot bag styles for easy club organization. Despite golf bags being availed in varying internal divider sizes, they apply similar principles when arranging clubs.

All golf bag designs keep the arrangement of long and short clubs constant. The longest clubs are placed nearest to the longest section, whereas the shorter clubs follow suit in descending order. Golf bag organization aims at ensuring the longevity of equipment as you focus on golf.

How to Organize a 4 Slot Golf Bag

How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

A 4 slot golf bag is the most lightweight club bag among the various internal dividers. The 4-way golf bag allows a golfer to place or retrieve the clubs quickly. You don’t need to fit the clubs in their respective compartments with these golf bags.

A 4 slot golf bag is ideal for carrying loads, especially if you walk around the golf course. It is easy, comfortable, and pain-free to carry within the whole length of golfing. Here are simple ways to organize your 4-way golf bag;

  • Put the driver/ fairway woods at the top
  • Place the long irons in the center-left
  • Put the medium and short irons into the center-right section
  • Place the wedges and the putter at the bottom of the internal divider

Organizing the 6 Slot Golf Bag

A 6-way golf bag is relatively lightweight bag. It offers a perfect option when other golf bags are too big. The 6 slot golf bag allows the golfer to access the golf clubs easily. You can easily separate long-game golf clubs from short-game golf clubs by placing the irons between them. In contrast to a 14-slot golf bag, the 6-way golf bag lacks insufficient storage, protection, and organization of expensive clubs. Organize the 6 slot golf bag by;

  • Placing the driver/ 3 wood at the top
  • Woods/ hybrids in the next two slots
  • Put the irons in the middle compartments
  • The wedges and the putter should be placed at the bottom

How Do You Organize a 7 Slot Golf Bag?

Whenever organizing the clubs in a 7-way golf bag, please keep them in numerical order.

  • Put the driver, 3 wood, and hybrids in the backside slot.
  • Place the long and medium irons in the two center rows
  • Keep the short irons, wedges, and the putter at the front two slots.

Organizing an 8 Slot Golf Bag

The 8 slot golf bag is a comparatively smaller capacity and is ideal if you aren’t carrying a full golf club set. It is a lightweight golf bag that is easier and more comfortable to carry during an 18-hole/ 9-hole walk. Organize the storage bag by placing the highest lofts beginning from the top, followed by the driver and woods at the top. Place the irons and hybrids in the middle and the wedges at the bottom. Put the putter inside the separate putter well.

Ideally, you can pair up similar clubs and place them in the same slots in ascending loft order. Pair your driver, woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges, leaving a space open for your putter. Here is how to pair clubs in an 8-slot golf bag

Slot Club Pairing
Slot 1 Driver/ 3 wood
Slot 2 Group 20Hybrid/ 23 Hybrid
Slot 3 Pair 4-iron/ 5-iron
Slot 4 Pair 6-iron/ 7-iron
Slot 5 Pair 8-iron/ 9-iron
Slot 6 Pitching wedge/gap wedge
Slot 7 Sand wedge/lob wedge
Slot 8 Putter

How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

It is one of the easiest bags to organize your golf clubs. They are mostly cart bags used by scratch and pro golfers. The 14-way golf bag provides a divider (1 slot) for every golf club. Organize the carry bag by placing the driver right in the top slot. The driver is the longest club featuring the largest head; keeping it at the top prevents its delicate shaft from clashing with chunky irons. Place the hybrids and the irons, followed by the wedges and your putter. Arrange the driving irons and irons in ascending order based on the loft angles.

Place the wedges ascending; sort the pitching wedge first, followed by the gap wedge, sand wedge, and lastly, place the lob wedge. The 14 slot bag integrates a separate putter well to store your putter.

Organizing a 14 slot golf bag is less time-consuming and not all that complicated. The driver is kept at the top for convenience whenever you want to remove other clubs around it. The golf bag is ideal for ample storage and transport in compact trunks.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Bag: Step-by-Step Instructions

Golf bags store golfing items properly and are easy for fast retrieval. It is crucial to know where to keep different golfing items (balls, tees, markers, gloves, golf clubs, and valuables). Different golf bag parts are used to store varying golf accessories. Below are vital steps for a clean, lean, and organized bag.

Step 1: Remove everything from your bag

Begin by emptying each pocket of your golf bag. A golf bag may be filled with essential and unnecessary items such as towels, balls, and gloves. Excessive gear can clutter up your bag, making it difficult to move around the course. Individually, golf balls are light as air, whereas, in a clump, they feel like a sack of potatoes.

Sorting out the mess allows you to evaluate what you want to fit in the bag. Clearing the bag frees-up additional space and makes the pack more lightweight to move around the golf course. Individually, golf balls are light as air, whereas, in a clump, they feel like a sack of potatoes.

Step 2: Categorize your necessities

How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

Put all the necessities into piles to have an idea of all the items available. Separate the usable essentials from the gear you don’t need during a golfing round. Eliminate damaged gloves, cracked balls, and scorecards to create more room for organizing your essential pieces of equipment.

Sort your main pieces of equipment. Put your irons, wedges, clubs, drivers, and putters in one place. Keep two gloves, one to wear and one for backup. Keep a relative number of golf balls (about 10). Consider checking out the environment for your next golf game to help decide which essential gear to keep.

Step 3: Consider your golf bag and clean the contents.

Prior to setting up, identify the type of golf bag you have. Golf bags are designed for carrying carts. Golf bags integrate varying internal dividers ranging from 4-way to 14-way bags. Wipe off the dust in the corners to clean your golf bag and your essential gear.

Eliminate any food crumbs from the side pockets of your golf bag. Alternatively, clean the entire pack by using few drops of rubbing alcohol with a damp cloth.

Step 4: Organize your golf clubs

How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

This is the most crucial step because each golf bag entails three separate sections including; the front side, the middle section, and the backside. The sections are divided into a single at the back, double in the center, and single in front. The number of drivers directly increases the number of the clubs. Every club has its rightful place; thus, easy to note when one goes missing.

Organize your putter first. Place the putter at the rear section nearest to the straps. However, you can amalgamate the putter in the putter slaves within the unit.

Generally, follow the general rule to arrange the clubs in numerical order from left to right. Place the woods and drivers near the straps at the top. Golf bags integrating separate putter well compartment is designed to keep drivers on the left side and the woods on the right section. Keep long irons (size 1 to 3) and a ball retriever in the back to prevent confusion with the smaller clubs.

Store the longest clubs at the backside and smaller golf clubs toward the front. Place the mid-length clubs in the middle section between the driver and wedges. Pair up similar clubs for golf bags such as 8-way, 6-way, and 4-slot. For example, pair up drivers and woods in one slot, place long irons in the center-left, mid irons with short irons at the right, and lastly, your wedges and putter in the bottom.

14 slot golf bags provide a 14-way storage capacity which facilitates protection and easy retrieval of the golf clubs. Organizing the rear section eases the organization of the front of your bag dully.

Step 5: Organize middle irons and short clubs

They are clubs from 3 to 7 mid-range irons. Place the long to mid-range irons (4 to 6 iron) and short clubs (7-9) right under the driver in your golf bag. Organize by starting with the longest set of clubs followed by the shortest.

Organizing your clubs from left to right helps you balance the golf bag during travel/ golf rounds. Place the clubs for your short irons and wedges in the front of your golf bag. Putting short irons in the forward section allows easy grabbing of medium or long clubs above them. In addition, the sorting enables you to pick whatever club you require once the game starts.

Step 6: Organize your golf accessories

How to Organize a Golf Bag? Expert Advice

Accessories organization depends on the number of pockets available on the golf bag. Stash essential accessories such as golf balls, tees, gloves, and markers in front and side pockets. Store all the items you will require in the easy-to-reach front pocket. Place spare balls in the top pocket for access and usage. Alternatively, use a deep bottom pocket for balls and a side bottom pocket for sunscreen.

Keep sunglasses, extra gloves, rule books, and frequently needed items in the side pocket. Store first-aid kits, keys, and rarely used valuables in the least accessible pockets. Use the largest external pockets to keep apparel and the bag’s rain hood. Use the insulated pocket to keep a bottle of water. Placing your accessories in an optimal location eases the sporting activity and enhances your utility.


An organized golf bag portrays a better golfer. Golf bags are fundamentally used to hold your clubs. Stay prepared during game-play by organizing your golf bag to prevent it from resembling a scrap metal dealer’s yard from the outside. Organize and align golf clubs nicely and make it look like you know what you’re doing whereas protecting the golf equipment.

An organized golf bag enhances your golfing experience, whereas it improves your game quality. Learning how to organize golf bags ensures a faster and more streamlined approach when retrieving golf clubs. Choose a configuration that works for you and get to arrange your gear effectively and accessibly.

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