10 Excellent Putter Grips for the Most Comfortable and Precise Playing

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Your putter grip is one of the most essential parts of your golf clubs that you may not pay proper attention to. Mostly made of metal, rubber, and thermoplastics, putter or golf grips will let you have an optimal grip while holding your clubs and will give you a more comfortable and precise swing. Some golfing experts even argue that making a switch to a better grip from a poor one can significantly make your handicap drop by multiple hits.

The putter grips are available in many designs. Therefore, there are several factors you want to look for when trying to choose the best putter grip. While some golfer love to have more textured grips with drawstrings or ribs, for wet conditions. Others like the tack for smooth and simple rubber grips. Take a look at some of these best grips available today and see how you want to update your collection.

Top 10 Putter Grips Review 2021

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard / Midsize
  • Materials: MultiCompound rubber and cord
  • Weight: 53 g (1.87 oz.) for Standard

Other features: unique micro-diamond texture; larger lower hand; moisture-wicking cotton fibers for more stability

The MCC Align grip from Golf Pride is the ideal all-weather putter grip. It offers repeatable hand placement to ensure more precise shots during your round of golf. The multi-component golf grip includes the Align technology which helps hit the club surface more evenly. There’s also a distinctive micro-diamond texture on the wrist, as well as 4 Plus4 simulations.

There are four layers of tape extra on the grip’s lower part to relieve pressure and increase power. The firmer red upright cuff runs along the back of the grip. This helps you to better align your hand by locking in the correct position every time.

Why did it make our list? We have chosen the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 handle because of its wide range of advanced features.

What could be better: Some users noted that the installation process was more complicated than with other grips.

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard
  • Materials: polyurethane
  • Weight: 50 g (1.8 oz.)

Other features: pentagonal shape; uniform lower hand profile; Advanced Spine Technology; accepts all Super Stroke “Tech-Port” accessories

The Traxion Flatso 2.0 Golf Putter Grip from SuperStroke has a surface with an advanced texture and also an advanced spine technology. It improves the tack and feedback and minimizes the grip pressure thanks to the parallel design.

The surface texture includes “X-shaped” treads positioned in very sensory areas at the bottom and sides of the putter grip. This enhances the overall comfort and feel. The Spyne technology includes a heavily embossed ridge on the grip’s underside. This helps golfers have a stable hand placement and makes squaring the face at impact easier.

Why is it special? This grip is sold at an excellent price and the colors go perfectly well at the end of the putt. The Flatso 2.0 is not as thick as the 3.0, so you’ll have more control with the speed of the putt.

What are the flaws? Asides the price, there’s nothing to criticize

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Midsize / Standard
  • Materials: buffed rubber
  • Weight: 54 g (1.9 oz.) for Midsize

Other features: computer-designed non-slip surface pattern

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet is probably the best cheapest putter grip you’ll ever find on the market this year. The putter grip is available in two sizes – the midsize and standard size. With the midsize version weighing just 54 grams, it is light as a feather but has a durable and resistant material in the form of a buffed rubber. The putter grip a bit smaller than most putters but it works really well.

It has a special surface that has a computer designed pattern without the tendency of slipping off your grip. The core design is round. The putter is available in all black and white and black, with both versions coming at the same price. It is designed for both the left-handed and right-handed.

What makes it special? It offers a good grip feel even without using gloves. We also like how affordable the putter is.

What could be better: Limited size options. May not be suitable for people with oversized hands.

  • Core design:
  • Grip size: Ultra Slim 1.0, Mid-slim 2.0, Slim 3.0, Flatso 5.0
  • Materials: polyurethane
  • Weight: 71 g (2.5 oz.) for Tour 1.0

Other features: pentagonal shape; uniform lower hand profile; advanced surface texture; Spyne Technology; Tech-Port accepting all SuperStroke accessories

The Traxion Tour Golf putter from SuperStroke is similar to the Traxion Flatso 2.0. Both products have the same design technologies. However, the Tour Golf Putter is available in multiple sizes and is heavier than the latter. The Traxion Tour Golf putter is available in four size variants – the Flatso 5.0, Slim 3.0, Midslim 2.0, and Ultra Slim 1.0.

The putter is made of polyurethane material and has the Tech-Port accessories which offer great putting performance. The CounterCore system helps engage the large muscles for a repeatable and more stable putting strokes. Using these muscles will help you reduce the face angle rotation of the putter which is caused by the manipulation of the wrist.

What are our favorite features? We like the parallel design of the putter. This minimizes grip pressure while maintaining the head path of the putter. The product also helps the average golfer have a consistent stroke. It has the best oversized putter grips and also midsized and the undersized.

What could be better? The price could be lower.


Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Golf GripBest All-weather Putter Grip

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard / Midsize
  • Materials: MultiCompound rubber and cord
  • Weight: 48 g (1.7 oz.) for Standard

Other features: firm upper hand feel and soft lower hand feel; all-weather control

Are you a lady and want a putter grip customized for you? Then why not go for the Golf Pride MCC New Decade? This putter grip is our best golf grip for ladies. The product has an innovative and hybrid design. It has a fusion of cord and rubber. The rubber material for its flexibility ensures you have a positive performance while the cord provides you a new look and texture. The velvety cord material is located in the upper area of the hand and offers a very firm control, regardless of the weather. You have the soft rubber in the lower area of the hand and it offers you great responsiveness and control.

What we liked: We like the firmness the materials of the putter grip provides. Also, the rubber material ensures good control in all weather.

What is not ideal about it? Although in general, the all-weather control is good, some users noted that the lower hand might still slip when wet.


Winn Ladies Dri-Tac GripBest Putter Grip for Ladies

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Undersize
  • Materials: WinnDry polymer rubber
  • Weight: 35 g (1.2 oz.)

Other features: .590 Grip (-1/16″) grip; comfort to soft feel

In the Winn Ladies Dri-Tac Grip is another golf grip for the ladies and anyone looking for small-sized putters. It’s an undersized putter for small hands. Very tacky and non-slip in hand, the product is made of the WinnDry polymer rubber. This material provides a cushion and a comfortable feel. Its slightly sticky material also ensures optimal performance in all types of weather conditions. The Dri-Tac golf grip delivers whether it shines or rains. The feel is very soft and doesn’t slip. Asides the fact it’s designed for ladies, it’s one of the best putter grips for small hands.

What we liked: An aspect we like about this is the price. It’s so affordable that you can buy four of it for the Super Stroke Traxions’ price. It’s one of the best putter grips for ladies.

What are the flaws? For its price, there’s not much to criticize about the putter grip. We only wish there were more color options, since not all ladies like pink. Also, some users mentioned that the back seam felt odd in their hands.


Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf GripBest Putter Grip for Small Hands

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Midsize, Standard (core size .600), Standard (core size .580), Undersize, Jumbo
  • Materials: seamless rubber and cord
  • Weight: 58 g (2 oz.) for Midsize

Other features: softer feel; raised ridge; 15 select 2-way tape strips

The Winn Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is a golf grip with a round core design. It has an extended range of sizes, including an option for undersized hands. The Wrap 2G is available in five sizes. These include jumbo size, midsize, standard (.580 core size), standard (.600 core size), and undersize.

The putter grid has a blend of two materials – rubber and cord – giving it a hybrid design. The rubber material is flexible and ensures you have a positive performance while the cord provides you a new look and texture. The cord material is located in the upper area of the hand and offers a very firm control, regardless of the weather.

The golf grip is available in black, blue, red, and white colors.

What we liked: We like the all-weather hybrid material of the putter. It offers exceptional performance, come rain, come shine.

What could be better: It has a seemingly poor-quality plastic rubber feel.


WINN Dri-Tac Midsize Golf GripBest Model with Varying Sizes

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard / Midsize / Oversize / Ladies
  • Materials: WinnDry polymer
  • Weight: 48 g (1.7 oz.) for Standard

Other features: soft feel; non-slip in all weather conditions

For those who have oversized hands, are males, and don’t like the undersize version from WINN, then the Dri-Tac golf grip is yours!

Made in China, this model is also made from WinnDry polymer and has a very soft feel and nonslip design suitable for all weather conditions. The core design is round but it comes in multiple sizes. You have a choice between the Standard size, the Midsize, Oversize, and the Ladies’ option, which is a little bit undersized. The largest of the range weighs just 50 grams while the Junior (undersized) weighs just 28 grams.

What do we love it for? We like the great work absorption quality of the putter grip. In addition to its light design, it is sold at a price range of $2–17.

What were we disappointed with? The grip wears off so quickly. Not for everyday or professional use.


WINN WinnPro X 1.18 GripOne Size Fits All Pick

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard
  • Materials: excel polymer
  • Weight: 54 g. (1.9 oz.)

Other features: paddle shape; less tapered profile; WinnLite Technology

The WINN WinnPro X 1.18 Grip is available in just one size – standard – and one color option – blue and grey. This means it offers a compromise for users on the extreme ends. Someone with midsize hands can use it. Meanwhile, it’s not too way off-size for people with small and oversized grips.

Unlike other traditional putters, the Pro X has a less-tapered profile. This helps prevent wrist movements while putting. At the same time, it delivers a tacky and comfortable feel.

What makes it special? The WINN WinnPro X 1.18 has an exceptional grip which will align to your grip and is easy to handle.

What could be better: Nothing to criticize here, except for that there’s only one size available.

  • Core design: round
  • Grip size: Standard
  • Materials: SNSR soft-tuned rubber
  • Weight: 90 g (3.2 oz.)

Other features: pistol shape; flat paddle front; soft feel

Yet another Golf Pride putter grip, the Tour SNSR 104cc features an SNSR rubber blend in two oversized variants. The material provides exceptional feedback and feel. It has a very soft, yet grippy texture. Mainly made of rubber, this ensures you can have exceptional all-weather control of the grip.

The Contour Pro is designed in a grey and black body with bold yellow conspicuously used. There are also variants in blue and black and also in red and black. Never mind the product picture, the putter is not included in your package.

What we liked: This putter grip generally has a very classic look with a blend of modern flair added to its design. It has a robust design and will withstand all-weather use.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The price is on the high side. It doesn’t come with a putter and we can’t really tell why it’s so expensive.

Things to Consider

When deciding to buy golf equipment, the decisions we must make are so many and diverse in nature. So, many times they lead us to overlook one of the main elements: the grip. And there are many aspects that must be taken into account when selecting the grip that best suits your game. In this section, we will try to bring to the fore all the particularities that distinguish the different grips on the market. We’ll also include tips that can help you determine which ones are best suited for each type of game.

Benefits of finding the best putter grip for your needs

10 Excellent Putter Grips for the Most Comfortable and Precise Playing

Through the grip, the player makes contact with the stick and ultimately with the ball. A good grip that is well adjusted to your physical and playing characteristics will facilitate your swing movement while giving you the feeling you get when making a blow. It is therefore a transmitter of sensations for the player, something essential to achieve accurate shots. To convey these sensations in the proper way, the grip must adapt perfectly to you – in principle, these include the texture, size, feel, etc.

In fact, the transcendence of a grip whose dimensions are not adequate for the player can enormously have an effect on the game. If the grip were large, it would hinder the natural rotation of the forearms, limiting the freedom when hitting the ball. This would probably lead us to slice (effect from left to right) or fade (same effect as slice but slightly less pronounced).

Many times, when trying to compensate for a grip that is too thick, we tend to take the shorter club, thus limiting the arc of the swing, losing speed, and distance with each stroke.

In the opposite case, in which the grip is small, the player will be forced to accentuate the rotation of the forearms and the action of the wrists, thus increasing the possibility of the blow moving to the left. With a small grip, it would not be surprising if the stick slipped out of your hands, making you produce really bad shots.

Features to consider when choosing a putter grip

The grip is the connection we have with the putter. Traditionally, the diameter of the grip is similar to that of the rest of the other poles, but there are options with fat grips and with different diameters. Asides the shape or size of the grip, there are several other important elements to consider when choosing a putter grip. Check them out in the points below.

Sizing and shape

In putter grips, you have options from the very small to the oversized. There is the jumbo or oversize, the standard sizes, the midsize, and the undersize. You can find this size range with models such as the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G and the SuperStroke Traxion Tour Grip. However, they are generally manufactured in three different sizes: Jumbo, for large hands, Midsize, for medium hands, and Lady, for small hands; although intermediate measures can also be found.

Keep in mind that a thin grip will promote excessive hand action, which can damage the swing; while a thick grip for a small hand can cause loss of power.

The thinner the putter grip, the more you can handle the opening and closing of the shot. On the opposite side, a fat grip prevents manipulation with the hands but can decrease touch and control – especially with distance. The grip can also be narrow or tight. A narrow putter decreases hand manipulation and the shape-fitting grip – wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. This is more traditional and works well with blades-style putters for those with a bow punch.

Core design

There are many shapes and designs of grips: round, with a guide pattern, with perforations, etc. In terms of the core design of the grip, the best type to choose is the round one for the best ergonomic and secure grip.

Feel: Firm or soft

There are two types of feel when it comes to grip textures – the soft squishy feel and the firm hybrid material. If you want a firm grip, choose one that has a blend of rubber and cord. Golf Pride grips have this characteristic, and you can find it with the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G or the Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc. Meanwhile, soft grips are mostly made of 100% rubber. A good example is the lady-sized Winn Ladies Dri-Tac Grip.


Grips made of leather that were wrapped around the stick have already gone down in history. Nowadays the vast majority of grips are made of rubber that, after being made, is inserted at the end of the shaft of the club, as if it were a small cover.

10 Excellent Putter Grips for the Most Comfortable and Precise Playing

The rubber grips emerged more than 50 years ago in a factory in the state of Ohio, owned by businessman Thomas Fawick. The idea was based on the possibility of changing the skin for a rubber grip that slides down the pole. So, in this way, it could reduce the expenses and efforts that the previous handles implied. Initially, the stick was introduced into a molten rubber compound called “Flexigrip”.

Despite the progress it made, this idea did not succeed, although it marked the beginning of the study on the subject. Thus, Fawick would join the Westgate Rubber Co. to found “Golf Pride”, a company that would continue with the desire to improve this part of the club to the maximum. A short time later, it was determined that the most appropriate thing was not for the fist to slide, but for it to remain fixed on the stick. At this point, clubs began to be manufactured with this new technology that was soon enquired from all over the world.

At that time, Golf Pride would create its Victory model, which is still widely used today.

But in addition to the famous rubber grip found in products like the Winn Ladies Dri-Tac Grip, we can find other materials. Among them are those that include cork inlays, a material that increases the durability of the grip. There are also those that contain cord, which offers a better grip although its touch is harder. Examples of the latter are Golf Pride grips such as the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G and the Golf Pride Tour SNSR 104cc.

Another of the materials used today is synthetic rubber, with a higher cost. However, it offers optimal durability conditions.

If what you are looking for is a light material, opt for elastomer or thermoplastic. These offer good adhesion, although they are usually more suitable for hot climates or for summer.


The lighter the putter grip, the easier it is to handle. The heavier they are, the more the manipulations and overall performance are minimized. Usually, you have to find the ideal middle ground for each.

A putter grip that is too light can lead you to closing or opening your face too quickly on impact – especially under pressure. Adding a little weight helps to start the putt in the desired direction. A grip that is too heavy can make it difficult to control distance. Combining mass with inertia creates more speed, which can result in putts going long and overcorrecting in reaction.


The best putter grips for beginners and high handicappers are those with exceptional alignment grips, soft feel, mis-hit correction, and which can make a lot of putts.

A thick putter grip offers greater putting accuracy. Keep in mind that a thin grip will promote excessive hand action, which can damage the swing. Meanwhile, a thick grip for a small hand can cause loss of power. The thinner the putter, the more you can handle the opening and closing of the shot.

Heavy and thicker putter grips are recommended for those who usually have handsy and wobbly handling of the grip. With heavier putter grips, your entire hands tend to wrap all over the grip and let them be more stable.

Our Verdict

The best putter grips for you are hard to come by, but by considering our guide and review, they are not far-fetched. Here’s our final verdict.

Our overall best and the Editor’s Choice is the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound. This grip is the ideal grip for all-weather control. We like it because it offers repeatable hand placement to ensure more precise shots during your round of golf.

Our best value for the money product, the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 2.0 has a surface with an advanced texture. With an advanced spine technology, it improves the tack and feedback and minimizes the grip pressure thanks to the parallel design.

Choose our Budget Pick, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360, if you want the best putter grip that comes at a very low price. The putter grip is available in two sizes – the midsize and standard size.

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