Top 10 Golf Balls for Seniors – Improve Your Distance and Accuracy at Once

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Think the golf ball you’re using doesn’t have an impact on your game? Think again. Studies have shown time and again that getting the right golf ball plays a huge role in the distance and accuracy of your drives and chips. That’s why it’s so important for older players to find the best golf balls for seniors.

To help you pick the best ball for your specific needs, we looked at dozens of top golf balls. We compared features like compression and construction, both of which impact how your ball reacts to your club and flies through the air. We also considered feel, which modifies how your golf ball will launch, along with the color and visibility of different golf balls. We narrowed our selection down to ten of the best golf balls for seniors – find out more about each below!

Top 10 Golf Balls for Seniors Review 2021


Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf BallsEditor’s Choice

  • Type: low compression golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: softest
  • Ball cover: Trionomer

Other features: Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics

The Supersoft ball from Callaway is one of the top golf balls for all types of seniors. This two-piece, low compression golf bar flies far and straight. Plus, you can get even more distance out of your swing thanks to Calloway’s low drag HEX aerodynamic design on the ball cover.

This golf ball has a very soft feel, so you don’t have to worry much about it hooking off the fairway even if your drive is less than perfect. The trionomer ball cover also helps reduce spin. Another benefit to the cover is that it’s nearly indestructible, so it will be a while before you need to replace these balls.

What stands out? Calloway makes the Supersoft golf ball in five different color options, including yellow, white, and orange. So, you never have to worry about confusing your ball with another player’s or finding it on the fairway.

What cons did we manage to find? This ball flies too far and too straight for mid-handicap seniors. A three-piece construction would keep much of the distance, but add back a little bit of spin.

  • Type: tour golf ball
  • Construction: 4-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: ultra-soft
  • Ball cover: Tour Urethane

Other features: Graphene Dual SoftFast Core

The Chrome Soft ball is another excellent offering from Callaway, particularly for low-handicap senior golfers. This four-piece tour golf ball is designed to give you excellent control over the placement of your shot on the fairway. It’s also made with a urethane cover, which makes it even more reactive to spin from your driver.

Despite being a tour ball, this golf ball is rated as having an ultra-soft feel and low compression. So, you don’t lose a ton of distance compared to two- and three-piece golf balls. On the whole, this ball is an excellent compromise for seniors whose swing is slowing down, but who still have excellent swing form.

What are our favorite features? The dual SoftFast core gives this ball a surprisingly soft feel for a tour ball. It’s easy on the arms when driving and chipping, and it doesn’t take a huge swing to drive the ball deep down the fairway.

What could be better? This golf ball isn’t cheap. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive golf balls we reviewed. The urethane cover isn’t as durable as ionomer, so it’s possible that you will need to replace this golf ball somewhat frequently.


Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf BallsBest Distance Golf Ball for Seniors

  • Type: distance golf ball
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: soft
  • Ball cover: Reactiv Urethane

Other features: SlipRes technology; seamless cover; gradational compression core

If you’re looking for the overall best distance golf ball for seniors, the Tour B RX from Bridgestone is it. This three-piece golf ball offers an excellent blend of distance and control. The low compression and gradational compression core allow it to rocket off the tee upon impact with your driver. The compression also keeps the ball flying straight.

That said, you do have plenty of opportunity to impart spin to this ball if you want to hook your drive or stop a chip shot in its tracks. The extra construction layer increases the amount of spin the ball experiences, and the reactive urethane cover also helps the ball respond to sideways force from your club.

What are its best features? The urethane cover is further improved with the addition of Bridgestone’s SlipRes technology. This friction coating gives you even more control over the spin you impart to the golf ball, making it easier to place your shots exactly where you want them.

What could be improved? The only thing we didn’t love about this golf ball was the price tag. However, the lofty price can be worth it if you’re trying to take your game to the next level.


Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsBest Mid Compression Balls

  • Type: tour golf ball
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Compression: medium
  • Feel: very soft
  • Ball cover: Urethane Elastomer

Other features: tour golf ball; 17% thinner cover and larger casing layer

The Pro V1 is our pick for the best Titleist golf ball for seniors. This three-piece golf ball offers an excellent mix of characteristics for medium-handicap golfers. It’s especially good if your swing is slowing slightly, but you still want total control over the spin of your ball.

This ball is designed with medium compression, but a very soft feel. That unique combination allows for hook shots from the tee while delivering plenty of distance and a smooth feel upon impact. The urethane elastomer cover construction also offers a lot of reactivity and spin.

Why is it special? One neat thing about this ball is that Titleist cut down the cover thickness by a whopping 17%. That means there’s less weight to the ball, so it can carry further through the air for the same swing speed. In addition, the thinner cover gives you more control over chip shots, so you can drop and stop the ball exactly where you want it on the green.

What are the flaws? This golf ball is surprisingly expensive, even for a tour style ball. Unfortunately, the thin cover means that it’s also prone to cracking.


TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf BallsBest Low Compression Ball

  • Type: low compression golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: soft
  • Ball cover: Iothane

Other features: impact propulsion core; 342 aerodynamic dimple design,

The Noodle golf ball from TaylorMade is designed for seniors who simply want to enjoy the game. The two-piece construction and low compression are designed to ensure that no matter how good or bad your form is, the ball will fly long and straight. It also has a soft feel, which reduces shock through your hands from a drive that is less than 100% on target.

Everything about this ball is made to help high-handicap golfers. The iothane cover is extremely durable and carries almost no spin. It also features an impact propulsion core, which is custom-made to help your ball travel further. Even the dimples on the cover are placed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency so that your ball can make it further down the course.

What are our favorite features? This golf ball is an excellent choice for seniors with slower swing speeds. It does a lot to help you drive further and straighter, which makes the game a lot more fun for many amateurs.

What could be better? When you do have a swing with perfect form, this ball can feel too soft. The ball has almost no spin to it, even when you want to hook around an obstacle on the fairway.


Bridgestone 2019 e6 Golf BallsBest Aerodynamic Golf Ball for Seniors

  • Type: distance golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: soft
  • Ball cover: Surlyn

Other features: gradational compression core; improved aerodynamics

This highly aerodynamic golf ball from Bridgestone is built to help you drive further, whether you’re at the tee or midway down the fairway. The ball is engineered with a custom dimple pattern on the cover that maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. Even better, the Surlyn cover helps ensure that the ball flies straight, with almost no spin to throw you off course.

We also liked that the e6 is built with a gradational compression core. This allows the ball to capture even more energy from your swing, effectively amplifying the power transfer from a slow swing. The ball is rated as low compression and has a soft feel.

What are our favorite features? The aerodynamics on the e6 help set this golf ball apart from competitors. If you’re playing against a headwind, this ball can travel significantly further than many of its peers thanks to the dimple pattern design.

What could be better? A three-layer version of this golf ball would be a huge advantage for mid-handicap seniors. The compression core and aerodynamic design would still allow it to fly far, but the extra layer would go a long way towards improving control over your shot placement.


Callaway ERC Soft Golf BallsBest Golf Ball for Women Seniors

  • Type: tour distance golf ball
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: soft
  • Ball cover: Hybrid

Other features: graphene-infused dual core; HEX Aerodynamic pattern; higher spin

The ERC Soft golf ball from Callaway is an excellent choice for women seniors, who typically have a slower swing than men. The golf ball offers a low compression and graphene-infused dual core construction, which together help it to drive further and carry through the air. It also uses Calloway’s HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern, which can be very helpful in windy conditions.

That said, this isn’t simply another distance golf ball. It uses a three-piece construction and has a hybrid ionomer and urethane cover. All of these details allow the ball to be extremely responsive to spin from the club, enabling hooked drives and drop-and-stop chip stops.

What stands out? This golf ball offers a unique mix between a tour ball and a distance ball. It’s built to drive long distances, but offers the level of control that more advanced golfers’ demand.

What cons did we manage to find? The hybrid cover material isn’t as durable as we’d like it to be for the cost of this golf ball. Users noted that it can scuff and scratch after a few rounds of golf.


TaylorMade Project (s) Golf BallsBest TaylorMade Golf Ball for Seniors

  • Type: high performance golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: low
  • Feel: medium-soft
  • Ball cover: Ionomer

Other features: Dual Distance Core; high trajectory

This high-performance golf ball from TaylorMade is essentially a hybrid between distance and tour golf balls. On the one hand, it features a two-piece construction and a low compression profile. However, it has a medium-soft feel as opposed to a very soft feel like you might expect.

That combination produces a ball that carries well in the air. It doesn’t have a significant amount of spin, but it does respond just enough so that you can drop-and-stop chip shots or hook around obstacles on the fairway. Controlling that spin may take some practice, though, so this ball is generally best for medium-handicap seniors.

What makes it stand out? The Dual Distance core is the key to this golf ball. It allows the ball to carry extremely well through the air and take a high trajectory. But at the same time, it offers a medium-soft feel and a welcome amount of control for short-distance chip shots.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? This ball has an ionomer cover, which is highly durable. But control over the ball could be greatly improved with a reactive urethane cover. That would allow for even tighter chip shots and somewhat more spin action when driving.


Callaway Warbird Golf BallsBest Budget Golf Balls for Seniors

  • Type: distance golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: medium
  • Feel: soft
  • Ball cover: Ionomer

Other features: HEX aerodynamics; high-energy core

If you’re looking for the best budget golf ball for seniors, we recommend the Callaway Warbird. This two-piece golf ball is built to fly as far as possible. The high-energy core maximizes rebound off the face of your driver, helping to rocket the ball in a medium trajectory out onto the fairway. Plus, Callaway added their signature HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern to keep the ball flying smoothly.

This ball has just a little bit of spin thanks to the fact that it doesn’t compress as much as most of the other distance golf balls we reviewed. The ionomer cover is relatively responsive, but still produces a soft and satisfying feel when you strike the ball.

What do we love it for? It’s hard to beat the price of the Warbird golf balls, especially given their quality. You get many of Calloway’s best ball technologies, yet pay well under $20 for a dozen golf balls. That’s less than half what some of the other distance balls we reviewed cost.

What were we disappointed with? The medium compression of this ball can make it harder to use if you have a slow swing. The core helps with energy transfer, but it still cannot compete with a low compression distance golf ball.


Wilson SmartCore Straight Distance Golf BallsBest Low Spin Golf Ball for Seniors

  • Type: distance golf ball
  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Compression: mid / high
  • Feel: firm/ soft
  • Ball cover: Magnesium Surlyn

Other features: low spin rate; Smart Core technology

The Wilson SmartCore golf ball is a relatively simple golf ball that’s optimized to fly as straight as possible. It’s an ideal ball if you primarily play on courses that don’t feature dog-leg fairways and simply need to drive the ball as far down the fairway as possible.

The ball is rated as medium to high compression and has a surprisingly firm feel compared to most golf balls for seniors. That can make it somewhat uncomfortable to hit compared to other distance golf balls. However, the Smart Core technology is designed to keep spin to a minimum while maximizing energy transfer from your club. The high compression also makes the ball more responsive when putting and chipping around the green.

What stands out? This is a solid golf ball at a very affordable price. Wilson sells the SmartCore in a 24-pack, making it one of the cheapest quality options on the market.

What cons did we manage to find? The firm feel of this ball can feel uncomfortable if you’re used to playing with softer golf balls. There is additional vibration transferred to your hands and arms, especially if you don’t strike the ball straight on.

Things to Consider

Now that you know more about our ten favorite golf balls for seniors, how do you decide which one is best for you? It’s a myth that all golf balls are the same, and your choice of ball can have a major impact on the quality of your golf game. In our buying guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how to pick the right ball.

Benefits of finding the best golf ball for your needs

Top 10 Golf Balls for Seniors – Improve Your Distance and Accuracy at Once

The whole game of golf is constructed around the golf ball, so it only makes sense that your choice of ball will matter a lot to your performance. Finding a ball that matches your needs can help you get more distance and accuracy out of your drives.

For example, a ball that compresses more will have more stored energy when it releases from your club, so it will fly further than a less compressive ball for the same swing speed. At the same time, the spin rate of your golf ball can affect how it hooks and curves through the air as it flies. Getting all of these factors to perfectly fit your swing means you’ll be closer to the green every time.

Features to consider when choosing golf balls for seniors

There are several important features to think about when choosing the best golf ball for your swing. Let’s take a closer look at what these features are and why they matter.

Ball type

Golf ball manufacturers make several different types of golf balls, each suited to a different type of player.

Tour balls are the top-of-the-line golf balls typically used by professionals and low-handicap players. They typically have high compression and excellent spin feel, which makes them ideal if you have good control over your swing.

Distance golf balls are typically more suitable for seniors. They have a large core to maximize the distance they carry in the air, and the exterior of the ball is dimpled so as to reduce sidespin and hooks.

Some golf balls, like the Callaway ERC, are designated as tour and distance. These golf balls are simply intermediate to the two categories, with plenty of spin but also large cores for carrying through the air.

Feel, or low-compression, golf balls like the Callaway Golf Supersoft and TaylorMade Noodle balls are designed for players with slow swing speeds. These balls deform heavily when impacted with the club, so they tend to fly long and straight. They also feel very soft on impact when making chip or wedge shots.

Compression: Low or high?

Compression is somewhat counterintuitive. Low compression golf balls compress quite a bit when they are impacted with the club, while high compression golf balls don’t compress much at all.

Compression is important because it affects the distance your ball will fly as well as how straight it will fly. Low compression balls typically fly further for the same swing speed, since they store more energy from the club impact. They also tend to fly straighter, since compression reduces the amount of spin that is imparted from the club to the ball.

Construction: 2-, 3-, or 4-piece?

Golf balls can be made from two, three, or four different layers of materials. (One-piece golf balls are almost never used in modern golf, although they were common in the past.)

Two-piece golf balls like the Bridgestone e6 and Callaway Warbird are ideal for seniors with slower swing speeds. They have a very large core, which helps the ball carry further through the air. The large core also minimizes spin, so there’s less chance that your ball will hook off away from the fairway.

Three-piece golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and Bridgestone Tour B offer a compromise between distance and spin control. Many of them offer nearly the same air carry as two-piece balls, but they spin a lot more. So, you need to have good control over your swing to use these balls successfully.

Four-piece golf balls like the Callaway Chrome are best for low-handicap golfers. These balls don’t carry as far as two- and three-piece golf balls, and they are much more likely to hook and curve through the air.


Feel describes how soft or hard a ball feels when you hit it. Typically, a ball with a lot of feel is a low compression golf ball – the more the ball compresses, the less you feel the impact. Nearly all of the golf balls we reviewed for seniors are soft or very soft, since softer balls fly further and are easier to control.


Top 10 Golf Balls for Seniors – Improve Your Distance and Accuracy at Once

There are two different materials used for golf ball covers. Surlyn is a proprietary ionomer resin that has been used for more than 60 years. They are frequently preferred by senior golfers because they don’t spin quite as much when driving off a tee. Surlyn covers are also extremely durable, so you’re not likely to break open your ball at any point.

Urethane covers are typically found on higher-end golf balls like the Callaway Chrome and Bridgestone Tour B. These balls have a softer feel, but they tend to spin more than a similarly soft golf ball with a Surlyn cover.


Spin is extremely important to your golf performance. The more spin a golf ball has, the more likely it is to hook off away from the fairway. On the other hand, highly experienced golfers often prefer spin because it gives them more ball control, especially in windy conditions.

Spin is closely related to feel, compression, and construction. Consider those features first, and then differentiate between very similar golf balls based on whether they are rated as low or high spin.

Extra features

Some golf balls come with extra construction features that can help them fly further or straighter. For example, if you’re interested in getting an ultra-long-distance golf ball, consider choosing a ball, that is dimpled to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Other balls have a resin added to the outside of the cover that provides more friction between the ball and the club. This can help impart more spin, giving you even tighter control over your ball.


Low compression counterintuitively means that a golf ball compresses a lot when it is impacted by the club. Low compression balls typically fly further and straighter for the same swing compared to a high compression golf ball.

Two- and three-piece balls are relatively similar in how well they carry through the air. However, the extra layer in three-piece balls allows them to spin more, which means they may hook or curve when driving. Two-piece balls typically fly very straight.

Our Verdict

Our three overall favorite golf balls for seniors are the Callaway Golf Supersoft, the Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis, and the Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls. The Bridgestone ball was our top pick if you’re looking for a true distance ball, as it offers exceptional energy transfer and excellent aerodynamics. The Callaway Chrome Soft is an expensive tour ball, but it’s well worth the cost if you want to take your golf game to the next level. This four-piece ball offers a magnificent combination of distance and spin, giving you total control over your drive. We think the Callaway Golf Supersoft is the overall best golf ball for seniors because it offers distance, control, and a very soft feel. This two-piece ball comes with Callaway’s HEX aerodynamic patterning to give it extra distance. Plus, it’s available in a range of colors so you can always identify your golf ball on the fairway.

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