5 Best High MOI Putters – Improve Your Golf Putting Skills!

We have reviewed the best high MOI putters on the market and ranked them on our list of favorites to help you make the right choice.
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Ever heard of MOI? That’s the acronym for ‘Moment of Inertia’. You might have met this term in reference to physics or engineering classes, and that’s because this concept is used in many cases. In fact, MOI can be helpful for golfers to understand with the help of the high MOI putter, which can improve your game.

When choosing six of the best high MOI putters, we considered such factors as hand orientation, materials, overall weight, balance point, and more to make it easy for you to get the one that meets all your expectations. Here, you will find models for both right and left-hand users, the ones that are designed with advanced technologies for pro golfers and those that can be customized and personalized for your needs.

Top 5 High MOI Putters Review 2022


TaylorMade Spider SEditor’s Choice

  • Hand orientation: right, left
  • Shaft length options: 33”, 34”, 35”
  • Materials: steel, aluminum, tungsten
  • Weight: 350g, 357g, 378g

More features: single bend; adjustable tungsten weight bar; multi-material construction

If you’re looking for the best high MOI putter, you should check out the TaylorMade Spider S putter, and here’s why. Whether you are right-handed or left-handed – this putter provides you with options for both! This model comes with an adjustable tungsten weight bar that can be moved back and forth throughout the head for optimal balance, which is a great way to adapt the putter to your own playing style, which is not found in every model.

TaylorMade can offer another similar model – the Spider X, which is considered more stable thanks to its deep center of gravity. However, the S version has tungsten weights that help it be more stable by putting the weight in the back. All in all, with both models, there are downward-facing grooves that make them better at rolling off after they land.

Why is it special?

  • The first thing that we love in the TaylorMade Spider S putter is the high MOI and deep center of gravity, which helps to give us more control over our putts. We also enjoy using the multi-material construction because it provides a premium look while also having lasting durability. In addition, it uses a single bend shaft and aluminum body with tungsten sole weighting for accuracy and forgiveness. If you want a high-quality putter that you can use for years to come, this would be the one.

What are the flaws?

  • One of the cons we’ve noticed in the TaylorMade Spider S putter is that it costs too much, which some people may find difficult to afford. Another potential downside is the shape of the putter. It may not suit everyone, which can be a problem; if you don't like how it looks or feels, you won't want to use it no matter how good of a putter it is.

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Triple TrackPremium Pick

  • Hand orientation: right, left
  • Shaft length options: 32” – 37”
  • Materials: steel
  • Weight: 365g

More features: double bend; face-balanced; Triple Track technology; Stroke Lab shaft; Microhinge technology

Our premium pick for high MOI putter, the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten, is a face-balanced club with a double-bend shaft that features Triple Track technology. You can choose from 33, 34, and 35 inches stock lengths or customize it from 32 to 37 inches. This best high MOI putter weighs 365g and is excellent for any kind of shot when you need to hit it closer to the hole.

Odyssey has two other popular putters: the Ten, which is a ‘standard’ model, and the Tour Lined featuring the simplicity in design thanks to a single black line that sets up nicely behind a single alignment stripe golf ball. However, if you are a Triple Track golf ball fan, you’ll prefer the 2-Ball Triple Track version.

What are its best features?

  • We love that the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Triple Track brings excellent stability thanks to the shaft that is engineered to be stiffer and more stable. This high MOI putter also uses a Microhinge technology which provides a consistent roll. You can also use this model for any shot because the sleek profile enables you to make even better contact with the ball.

What could be improved?

  • However, some golfers find the Odyssey 2-Ball 10 Triple Track too firm, which can be uncomfortable for those who prefer a soft impact when putting. Along with the firmness of the putter, users also noted that it has a busy design. The circles and colors look a bit blurry, so this putter is not suitable for everyone.

Сobra King 3D SupernovaMost Advanced

  • Hand orientation: right, left
  • Shaft length options: 34”, 35”
  • Materials: 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge, forged aluminum, tungsten
  • Weight: 380g

More features: SIK Face Technology; 1.5 degree-launch; Cobra Connect Smart Grip and embedded sensor; Arccos Caddie app; 0° toe hang

The Cobra King 3D Supernova high MOI putter comes in right and left-hand orientation, and there are two different shaft lengths to choose from. The result of this design choice, along with the materials used like 3D printed nylon lattice cartridge, forged aluminum, and tungsten, is that the putter won’t twist or pull to the left or right on off-center hits. Also, it has a 1.5-degree loft that launches angle for every type of stroke.

However, some people prefer the Vintage models of Cobra putters. They are made of steel and look appealing to sports cars’ design fans. But if you want the most advanced putter with a better feel in putting stroke, you should choose the 3D printed range version. Despite the King 3D Supernova being a bit more expensive than the Vintage range, it is worth the money.

Why did it make our list?

  • With this model, you will experience a smoother roll with SIK Face Technology, which generates a more consistent launch angle with the four descending lofts. It is also equipped with a Cobra Connect Smart Grip and embedded sensor to track statistics like clubhead speed, face angle, and impact position. Lastly, this best high MOI putter employs oversized fangs to activate ball marking technology, reducing friction around the hole for a smoother operation.

What is not ideal about it?

  • While this putter is totally accurate on off-center strikes, this model still has some downsides. Some users complain that the sound of the ball striking isn't as good as other models, and it is only best for experienced golfers who have a proper swing. It's also not advisable for beginners since it has a more complicated design than others on the market.

PING Sigma 2 TyneMost Adjustable

  • Hand orientation: right, left
  • Shaft length options: 32” – 36”
  • Materials: steel, PEBAX
  • Weight: 365g

More features: micro-lines; customized as face-balanced or mid-hang; dual-durometer face insert; PGA Tour-winning design

The PING Sigma 2 Tyne has what most golfers need in the most adjustable high MOI putter that can be customized as face-balanced or mid-hang. It comes with 32” – 36” shaft length choices weighing just 365 grams. This model also features a dual-durometer face insert, unique PING technology, steel body with PEBAX face materials, and has one of the highest Moment of Inertia.

The PING Sigma 2 line-up offers ten putter models, most of which are redesigned classics or completely new PING Anser designs, a standard version featuring the traditional heel-toe ballasts that boost MOI. However, the Tyne is known for its stability and ease of alignment, and it doesn’t make it inferior in MOI of the Anser.

What stands out?

  • The best part of this high MOI putter, apart from the sophisticated technology, is that you can choose whether or not your best high MOI putter will be face-balanced or mid-hang depending on how you would like to play the putter. We also love its PGA Tour-winning design and solid feedback that offers golfers consistency and control over every shot.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Although the PING Sigma 2 Tyne is a fantastic option, this putter does not come with a tool, so you must buy one separately. Also, some users have had issues with receiving their high MOI putters without the headcover. Still, these problems are easy to solve by contacting a manufacturer.

Orlimar F60Best Value

  • Hand orientation: right
  • Shaft length options: 33”, 34”, 35”
  • Materials: steel
  • Weight: not specified

More features: double-bend shaft; soft face insert; oversized grip; vivid alignment features; headcover included

Another model we’ve tested that won’t break the bank is the Orlimar F60. This is a high MOI mallet designed to maintain performance even on off-center shots, which helps to make it easier to stroke your ball into the hole. With its steel construction, this putter will stay true through many strokes. It also comes with a headcover included that cannot but please!

Compared to other models in our list, this model is created exclusively for right-handed players. Although it does not stand out with sophisticated technologies like Cobra or Odyssey putter lines, its simplicity and reliability will allow you to enjoy putting and feel confident. Plus, the price of the Orlimar F60 is much lower than that of its competitors.

Why did it make our list?

  • We really love that the Orlimar F60 provides additional forgiveness and improved accuracy to all players, even those who don't yet play at an advanced level. Its double-bend shaft helps with distance control and directional stability. The soft insert contrasts to the steel head for a ‘bright’ alignment effect, and the oversized grip allows players to keep their wrists relaxed through impact.

What is not ideal about it?

  • However, some users find this putter relatively heavy. This can make playing difficult cause the weight on the head makes a huge difference in how much force is needed to push the ball in the direction you want it to go. Also, the Orlimar F60 might be unsuitable for professional golfers, so if you plan to buy the one for a tournament, you should consider another model.

Things to Consider

The moment you start playing golf, you get the need to get a putter. However, after a couple of rounds on the green, you realize that putting is more complicated than chipping the ball from 50 yards away. You have to consider what type of ball goes where and how fast it rolls. In fact, you need to buy a putter with a high MOI, so choosing the right one can seem daunting. If you’re unsure which putter is best for you, check out our buying guide before making your decision.

What Is MOI?

It can be really challenging to get your ball in the hole when putting, especially if you are trying to get it in while playing on a tough course. This is where high MOI putters come into play.

As we mentioned earlier, MOI Trusted Source Gear 101: What does “MOI” of a golf club actually mean? | Golf You might hear golf club manufacturers refer to “MOI,” but what exactly does that mean? We break down the basics of the term. golf.com stands for Moment of Inertia. This is a term in physics that defines the relationship between the mass of an object and how it rotates about its center axis. The higher this number, the more momentum it will have when swinging through the ball.

Why Do Golfers Need High MOI Putters?

5 Best High MOI Putters – Improve Your Golf Putting Skills!

The PING Sigma 2 Tyne putter has a high MOI and easy alignment aids designed to help you make more precise putts.

Players use these types of putters to increase increase the amount of momentum Trusted Source The Effect of Golf Club Moment of Inertia on Clubhead Delivery and Golfer Kinematics | Loughborough University The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of modifying whole club moment of inertia (MOI) on clubhead delivery, thorax and wrist kinematics. repository.lboro.ac.uk that is transferred into the ball when putting. This causes less effort on the player’s part because such putters have a unique design. The putter doesn’t spin or dangle, providing the effect of “high moment of inertia” and “forgiveness”, meaning it smoothes the result of inaccuracy of putts. Also, this can be very beneficial when playing on a tough course or in windy conditions.

How to Choose the Best High MOI Putter

There are many options for high MOI putters available on the market. For players choosing this type of equipment, it is essential to keep in mind their skill level and what they will use the putter for. Let’s look at such factors as materials, overall weight, shaft length, price, and others to help you find the best-suited high MOI putter.

Shaft Length

First, you have to consider the shaft length of your new high MOI putter. This is very important because the size of the shaft will determine how well you can control it. The correct size putter shaft should fit between your arm and torso when holding the handle of the putter with both hands on top of it.

Hand Orientation

Now that the shaft size has been determined, you will need to consider if you are right or left-handed when buying your high MOI putter (most golfers are right-handed).

Make sure that the putter is designed for people who use their opposite hand, rather than trying to force yourself to use it. If this is not possible, just choose a model that allows you to change the orientation of your hands by turning the handle around.

Face & Head Materials

This comes down to personal preference. High MOI putters have a metal or steel face and those with a composite face. The choice depends on what you feel will work better for you. Many people prefer the feeling of the metal faces because they can get a more accurate feel when putting. The composite material putters will not provide the same accuracy, so be aware of this when looking at different models.

What the head is made out of can also affect how you choose a high MOI putter. Different materials have different feels, so find one that has the right feel when holding it in your hands. The most common high MOI putter material is stainless steel.

Overall Weight

Another thing to consider is the overall weight of your new putter. A higher weight means faster momentum transfer into the ball when putting, which is beneficial in windy conditions. However, it can also slow down your swing speed so go lighter if that suits you better.

Balance Point

5 Best High MOI Putters – Improve Your Golf Putting Skills!

The balance point of your putter is the place on the shaft where it balances evenly when you hold it parallel to the ground.

The balance of your new high MOI putter is also a significant feature. The weight should be fairly well-distributed between the top and bottom end, but what you prefer more depends on you. Some people like their putters to have slightly more weight in the head because this gives them a truer feeling when putting, whereas others appreciate having a balanced feel so that they can freely move around wherever necessary during play.

Price Range

In addition, you must consider the cost of your putter. A higher MOI putter will be more expensive than a lower one because it costs more to manufacture it. It is not always necessary to get the most costly model either because there are plenty of affordable high MOIs today that will give you all of the specifications you need without breaking your budget. Keep in mind what is crucial for you when searching around and find something within your price range that will benefit how you like to play golf.

Other Features

There is such a feature known as offset or heel-toe weighting placed on some high MOI putters that allows them to be even more adjustable than other types on the market. This is great for players who have trouble getting their ball to go where they want it because it gives them a better chance of fixing their mistakes during play. This feature also helps players get more precision in their putting game by helping keep the putter straight when lining up at the ball.


It depends on how well you can control your putting. If you are not very good at hitting the ball, you will want to try putters with a high MOI so that less effort is needed to get the ball in the hole.

The only disadvantage of a higher MOI putter is that they are usually more expensive because of the quality materials and design, but this will depend on the specific model. You can find a high MOI putter for an affordable price if you look at different models and brands to see all your options before making a final decision.

High MOI putters are great for beginners because they will give more control over where they send their putts, which can help boost their confidence. If a beginner misses, the ball will typically stay closer to the hole, which means fewer putts to get in the cup.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, with the high MOI, deep center of gravity, multi-material construction, premium look, and lasting durability, the TaylorMade Spider S is our #1 pick for the best high MOI putter on the market. Next goes the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten Triple Track, our premium pick. It features a Microhinge technology and Stroke Lab shaft that brings excellent stability and provides you with a consistent roll. Finally, the ‘Most Advanced’ nominee – the Сobra King 3D Supernova. Its SIK Face Technology ensures that there won’t be any inaccuracies on off-center strikes, thanks to the four descending lofts that launch the ball at a consistent angle.

Remember that it is essential to know which features will benefit you and how much you want to spend on one before making a final decision. Once you have this information, you will be able to confidently choose the best high MOI putter for your specific needs!


Gear 101: What does “MOI” of a golf club actually mean? | Golf
You might hear golf club manufacturers refer to “MOI,” but what exactly does that mean? We break down the basics of the term.
The Effect of Golf Club Moment of Inertia on Clubhead Delivery and Golfer Kinematics | Loughborough University
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of modifying whole club moment of inertia (MOI) on clubhead delivery, thorax and wrist kinematics.
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